Casting Announcments!

Hi Everyone!

With less than 12hrs to go until filming commences things are hotting up at Skin HQ! All the muscles you sponsored have been carved, moulded, painted and transferred to the set. Thanks to you guys we were able to afford a 5th shooting day, so our schedule is intense, but achievable. We have an amazing team here I'm wholly confident in their ability to pull this thing off! As backers, you'll get access to all our story-boards, schedules and all manner of production materials as filming moves forward.

I'm also proud to announce our wonderful cast- 


Sebastian Armesto  as "Him"  (Anonymous, Pirates of the Caribbean 4) and Anna Maguire as "Her" (Parade's End, Saving Private Ryan)

A massive thank you to our casting director Shaheen Baig for all her help in bringing these roles to life. It's been a long journey, but totally worth it.

As you go to sleep tonight, keep two fingers crossed for the Skin team! Its going to be wild ride!

Skinless hugs.