Bringing this story to life is undoubtedly an ambitious task. After spending a lot of time researching our options we believe Practical SFX have a substance and reality that can hit you harder than anything else. Films like The FlyAlien and The Thing created tactile, living worlds that have stood the test of time.



We know that we need to believe in the effect for the film to have any effect, and we have decided our only option is a combination of prosthetic practical effects and makeup. A tall order.


So we decided to get some help...



Colin Arthur 

Colin is a living-legend of SFX! In the 1960’s he was to assistant Ray Harryhausen with his stop-motion model animation movies like the Sinbad films and the original Clash of the Titans! He also created Falkor and other creatures for Never Ending Story. One of the highlights of his career was his work with Stanley Kubrick in 2001: A Space Odyssey, where he was responsible together with Stuart Freeborn for the development and production of the Ape masks in the Dawn of Man sequence.

We are delighted to announce that Colin and his wife Sarah have agreed to come on board as official SFX mentors on the project. 

With his advice and guidance we have built an exciting team of talented, young SFX artists; lead by -

Jen Cardno, Hermes Pittakos and Tom Smith.



So we went ahead and filmed some test footage... 

colin arthur he took his skin off for me
he took his skin off for me
he took his skin off for me

photography by Ben Hughes -