“it’s especially gratifying to see a polished gem like this one - and not just polished, not just a gem, but a film that brilliantly contributes to expanding cinema’s boundaries...” **** Excellent
The film is sweet and funny. It’s calm, beautiful, and disgusting as hell. Very much enjoyable and possibly one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen at the Fantastic Fest so far. Loved it!
Aston wields all the elements and brings them strongly together for an oddly fun and thrilling short film that has captivated audiences and critics everywhere. Astutely self-aware of its story and devouring through a series of emotions in a short amount of time, HE TOOK HIS SKIN OFF FOR ME is faultless.
Aston bravely tries to find normalcy in this completely abnormal situation, painting a very clear picture of how these two coexist as a married couple given the husband’s…situation. The movie boasts something other shorts lack: sensitivity.